Part Two ...

We were recommended by some locals
to visit Holkham Hall

We spent most of tuesday there - as it
had it`s own private beach too !
What`s more - we found out that we could
take photographs inside the home - which is
quite rare - so of course i went crazy snapping
away ! ;o)
Most photos are clickable ..

Just inside were boards advertising that

they had done filming there in 2007 -

For this film .....

Has anyone seen this ??

I`m afraid i have not - yet .

Grand marble entrance ...

Another board in the Saloon room
showing Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes

And the costumes worn by them .

One of the living rooms - as it is a lived
in house - wouldn`t you love to live here ?

ornate gold mirror

Gold bed canopy ..

And a long corridor which ran the
whole length of the house .

It was a magical place , set in acres of grounds
and a lake , with a pub and houses inside the grounds too .
we had to drive 2 miles to go and see their own
private beach ...
The sea was too far out , so we sat
amounst the sand dunes

and i enjoyed the sand between my toes ;o)

Another day was spent at
Blenheim Palace near Oxford .
Built in 1705 - and the birth place
of sir Winston Churchill .

No photographs were allowed inside -
but the grounds and gardens made up
for that ...

The butterfly house ..
i know someone out there who
would have love this too ;o)

And while on the lakeside walk -
i got my first snap of a dragonfly ;o)

I hope you enjoyed my photo`s -
and have a good weekend !


Meggie said...

Hello Carolyn! Sorry I've been away so long. What lovely photos of a gorgeous palace. We here in the states are having a holiday tomorrow. Yahoo!

PEA said...

Omigosh, look at that marble entrance! I can't even imagine living in such an opulant place, I'd be scared of touching anything! lol What a treat it must have been to be able to tour Holkham Hall and Blenheim Palace. I haven't seen the movie "Duchess" but it must have been so neat to see the pictures of the rooms used in the film and then to see the rooms for yourself. I know I would have enjoyed this trip thoroughly!!! Even a that picture of your toes in the sand:-) Beautiful flowers and butterflies as well...oh what a delight all your pictures are!! xoxo

sherry lee said...

Loved the "flutterbyes" thank you so much!!! :)

England has some of the most impressive castles/old homes/gardens and it's lovely that they are all kept up so well.

I haven't seen "The Duchess" though thought I'd like to -- something to look forward to to rent. Have you seen it since you've been home?

Rhondamum said...

Hey there stranger! Been TOO long! Glad to visit and see your pics from your trip. Glad you had a good time. All I can say is, GASP!

Your drawings are amazing and I really hope you find someone to publish them soon. You are just too talented!

I did see "The Duchess" and really enjoyed it, although it is a sad story. I'm sure I will watch it again one day.

I'm "catching up" and will email soon. Love and miss you loads!