Apology`s to my readers - as a week has nearly
passed by since i last posted .
I am just dealing with other health / home
issues and my computer time is a thing that
i have neglected .

While away on holiday - i purchased an old
childrens book , as i look out for them and i
use them as inspiration . Illustrations inside
were ones i had not seen before - they were pen
and crayon and child like in their content .
So i was inspired to have a go - with my drawing
pen and use oil pastels instead .

" The Wait "
5.5 x 8 "

I love the simplicity and the way the pastel
lines the paper missing parts .
Thanks for looking - and enjoy your day !


suzeeez said...

Very cute Carolyn .... sometimes simple is better. You should do some more like this.
:o) Sue

sherry lee said...

I love it -- the patience of "the wait"!!!

Summer Gypsy said...

I love this, Carolyn! I know what you mean about being away from the computer. Time away is good sometimes, and I've taken quite a break the last few weeks. Anna LOVES your drawings. Can't wait for that book to be published!!!!

Lynn said...

Hope you are feeling better, I have been slack on my blog visits, but have enjoyed seeing all your sweet drawings :) I find when you go away for a time it is also hard to get back to the online world, especially in summer.