More drawings i did the other day ,
nothing in my head with ideas , i just went
with the flow ..
Big apple - little apple ..

This i made into a card ...
I`ve not thought of a title for it yet -
And i may adapt it for another one .
Can you guess how i made the tree ??

Would you believe a mini paper muffin case !! ??
Just 6cms in diameter .
I had bought them because i loved the design -
there was a purple / pink version of it too . I had not
opened them , so i decided to use them in my art !
What do you think ??

And finally - i have listed my Love Blooms
fabric hanging . It is my most expensive piece
i have listed so far ... and i know sometimes it
can be difficult to price items ..but i know fellow
artists and buyers who love handmade items
will appreciate the time taken and effort in making
these . It is HERE to view

Have a wonderful day !!

1 comment:

sherry lee said...

Big apple, little apple...sounds like a book for a toddler!! ;)

And how clever to use the muffin cups for flowers....always thinking!!!