Maybe - I Should Have Done This ....

" Gertrude Cooling Off "
Pen / watercolour drawing
5 x 8
I feel like i wish i had done this -
we`re having a heatwave and having to
do some work outside in 30 degree heat
has taken it`s toll on me . I have a headache ,
call it heat stroke - which i wanted to avoid -
but it has happened. So i am staying inside - while the
sun is beaming once again today .
So i created this drawing - as i love pigs - and i
used to collect them many years ago .
It will take me a little longer to get around to
visit you all - and more holiday snaps are
in the pipeline .
I hope you enjoy your day-
whatever you decide to do !!


sherry lee said...

She's adorable...and I love her hat!! Ah those of you who aren't used to extreme heat and's all the hydration...and tell me missy, were you wearing a hat like Gertrude? Good plan to stay indoors today...heat stroke is not a good thing...take care of you!

Lynn said...

I love your little Gertrude :) Stay cool, don't move around too much, and drink lot's of water or fluids. Seems like all of England is sweltering right now.

*Noelle* said...

hehehe cute! i used to think i was miss piggy from the muppets when i was little, lol!!!

hugs ♥

PEA said...

We had that heatwave for a couple of weeks and like you, I don't do well in 30c temps! If it wasn't for the AC I don't know how I would have survived! lol Now it's cooled right down and today it's 17c, much more pleasant:-) I do hope it breaks for you soon!! Love your piggy drawing, it's darling. xoxo