This is my favourite creation - so far ...

" Woodland Scene "
fabric / felt postcard.
Size approx 6 x 4 "
Created on cotton fabric -

painted - including metallic - if you can view
the shimmer in my photo ;o)

Material / fancy fibre tree ...

Vintage flowers with sead bead centers ,
teeny tiny felt mushrooms and beads -
pearlised 1 cm real shell as the snails home .
All hand sewn by myself , except for the " grass "
and felt " border "

I know it`s early - but i`ll take this
opportunity to wish you a happy weekend .
I`m feeling a little " off " - have been the past
couple of days , and i would like to
organise my craft room and declutter
over this coming weekend - list some
supplies from my destash - and place the
above postcard in my shop - hopefully
next monday - unless there is interest here -
do get in touch !!
T.F.L !!


sherry lee said...

Love the dimensional feel to this piece Carolyn...your imagination takes you many places!!

Sorry you are feeling off...coming from what I just had I empathize completely!! Take it easy and have a restful weekend (if you can call decluttering and cleaning "restful"!!). xo

Summer Gypsy said...

I love how you incorporated the flowers as the tree. The snails' homes are perfect! This is a winner for sure!
Have a nice weekend.


Sanja said...

oh..this is so lovely Carolyn!:-)


Lynn said...

This is soooooo sweet :)