A few simple things - that make me smile today ....

My first sweet peas blooming - and
they very much remind me of happy
times spent in my grandads garden -
and smelling the heady scent .

Butterfly lavender - attracting many bees .

Plum tomato waiting to ripen - and be eaten !!

Bell peppers - just 6 cm in length -
they`ve been like this for a couple of weeks now -
i`m waiting to eat these too ;o)

What will make you smile today ??


sherry lee said...

Great garden photos!! I miss sweet peas...tried to grow them years ago and they didn't take. My mother had them in her garden. Somewhat of an old fashioned flower now I guess you'd say but they are so very pretty and have such an amazing fragrance!!

What will make me smile today? Let's see...my stomach feels better (!!) so that's one and I might go and see the new Harry Potter with my oldest son later today. And you know there will be other things as the day unfolds!!

PEA said...

I didn't know I was growing in your garden! hehe I have some sweet peas that I started from seed and they're finally starting to climb the trellis in my flowerbed...hopefully they'll be in bloom soon!! I love green peppers and have some of those growing as well:-)

What will make me smile today? If it doesn't rain! lol xoxo

Lynn said...

Isn't that funny, sweet peas remind me too of my Grandads garden :) I just love the butterfly lavender, never seen them before, wonderful photos :)