Part one - holiday highlights ....

After an 850 mile round trip -
we arrived home safely on sunday .
We were blessed with gorgeous weather ,
and the odd warm rain shower fall -
and totally enjoyed our time away -
even if it was tiring with all the walking and
places we visited .
I took some 650 snaps - that`s just mine -
and i have picked the best ones to show you .
I will get around to visit you all soon -
but for now - i hope you enjoy these ...
Some - not all are clickable ..
The way down to Norfolk -
rolling fields and blue skies ...

Fields of poppies swaying with the slight breeze ..

Going through many tiny villages ,
with thatched roof`s .
And seeing unusual place names -
like Little Snoring , and Great Snoring ! ;o)

Belton House - Lincolnshire .

beautiful gardens ..

The orangery ..

From inside - out ...

Some of the many succulent plants ...

Felbrigg Hall and gardens - Norfolk .

Dovecote house ..

Peach trees lining the garden walls

Chickens roaming free ...

One of the many poppy varieties - i have not seen
this colour before ...

There`s so much more to follow - including 2

outstanding houses , one where they filmed

and starred Kiera Knightly ! You could also take

photographs inside the stately home - of course i

was well pleased !!


Lynn said...

Hellooooooo Ms Magpie and welcome home, looks like you had a great holiday, and your photos are awesome. I just love, love, love thatched roof houses.
Hope to see you soon :)

sherry lee said...

What wonderful photographs of your trip -- that was a lot of driving!!! I'm laughing at Little Snoring and Great Snoring..that could describe two of the male members of this household!!! lol!!!

*Noelle* said...

everything looks beautiful! wow, 850 miles with hubby? i don't think i could last that long in a car with mine! lol i love the orangery!

PEA said...

Welcome home dear Carolyn!! I'm so sorry for not having been by sooner than this, blogging visits are sometimes hard to fit in busy days! lol I've always wanted to visit England and seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more. How beautiful the landscape is and those thatched cottages are my very favourite. I've always been fascinated by the architecture over there, so beautiful. I need to get over my fear of flying so that I can make my way over there...with you as my guide:-) xoxo