It`s nearly time for our holiday -
going down to the Norfolk / coast and
onto Oxford again . A welcomed break from
home and to see the beach and the sea .
So i will say bye for now -
takecare - and i will see you when i get back !

One last thing ...
Just a couple of blooming flower
journal pages ...


PEA said...

Waittttttttt for meeeeeeeeeeee!! How I'd love to be able to go on holiday with you, I just know we'd have so much fun exploring everything:-) Have a wonderful vacation, my friend, and I look forward to hearing all about your trip. Take tons of pictures!! xoxo

*Noelle* said...

love the arrangements on your last journal page!! the photo of the beach was mysterious and beautiful:) have a great trip!! i'm free, so go ahead and pick me up too!! LOL

Sanja said...

Happy holiday Carolyn!
Have a wonderful time!

Take care

sherry lee said...

Ah, I love your beautiful journal pages..and I'm thinking of you at the sea...enjoy and may the weather be cooperating with you!

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Carolyn,
Just dropped by to say hello, and look at to the sea!!!! LUCKY GIRL! Hope you're having lots of fun!