All Is Revealed ....

Thankyou to all who had a guess at how i did
the ghost effect in this photo ...

So - how did i do it ??
I set my camera on my tripod -
and took this photo first ...

Then took the same photo again -
with myself in - using an infra red
remote control . Thankyou Sherry - for commenting
on my skirt too ! It`s very rare i wear one , i`m more
of a trouser person ;o)

Next i used a photo editing programme -
i have Serif Draw plus 6 - although i
have just got photoshop - i know it`s
a massive programme to learn and i
still have to look into it yet .
I imported the first photo , then the one
with myself in - lined it up to match ,
clicked on a transparency tool for the top photo
and hey presto done !!

Pretty easy to do - although you wouldn`t
think so reading it . There could be another way -
for eg - cutting around myself and placing me
there - but this was the easier option for me
and i knew how to do it !!

So who has won then ...

A few suggested me using a programme ,
correct - but here is the winning comment :

Wow, amazing photos Carolyn, and I just love you as a "ghost" :)
If I was going to do that I would probably have taken two photos,
one with and one without myself, then layered them in a graphics program.
I would then fade the one with myself on using an Opacity I think it's
called so you can almost see through me. Best guess,
but you may have done it another way :)

Congratulations LYNN !!!

A lucky friend of mine - and i had the honour of
meeting her last year when she visited here in the UK .
She has just celebrated 29 years of marriage -
way to go !!!! Who wouldn`t love a man who
loves to cook for you - and clean up as well !! ;o)


sherry lee said...

You never cease to amaze...and that it just such a cool process...are you sure you didn't really just capture a ghost though? I mean a cemetery...there are probably many floating around there!! :)

Lynn said...

Oh Wow, thank you Carolyn, I love your paintings, finally found two frames for my bluebirds too :)
When you gave a hint that you used your tripod I was unsure, but just said what I would have done, thank you so much :)
Yes I am truly blessed to have a man who cooks and even cleans up (sometimes)
So you will have to tell me how you get on with Photoshop, i am still using my Paint Shop Pro for photo editing, hard to break old habits :)

PEA said...

Woohoo! Congratulations to Lynn!! Isn't it amazing what one can do with pictures now...I'll have to try that one day with one of my cemetery photos:-) xoxo