Warning - contains tasteful visual photos !! ;o)

We went to see the new Terminator Salvation
movie yesterday evening . I am a big fan of all of
"T" movies , especially the 2nd one , and i thought
the third one- Rise of the machines was just lacking in
something , but that`s just my opinion .

So when i knew it was being released -
and with Christian Bale in - i had to go see !
He`s my latest crush - if you can call a 42 yr old
woman having one !! ;o)
His Batman performances were good .. and in Equilibrium
and The Prestige - with Hugh Jackman - was
equally enthralling ... A film i have yet to see whole is
The Machinist . I stumbled upon it flicking on satellite TV -
and i was shocked and "bothered " by his appearance .
I hardly recognised him and had to check the cast list -
to make sure it was him .
Having lost some 60lbs in weight for the role , he
looked poorly and a concentration camp skeletal
figure - i couldn`t view it anymore . It was necessary for
the character he played , so any extra weight on him ,
would not look realistic . I will however give it another
try and see what i think .
The new movie i thought was visually entertaining ,
the special effects were brilliant as well as the cast .
At nearly 2 hours long - my initial thought was
oh no - too much . However it did not seem like that at all ,
and the time just flew by . So i would recommend
seeing this - especially if you liked the previous ones.

Now here`s some more eye candy photos ...

All in the details girls ....
A shoot i wish i had participated in !! ;o)
But i think i would have needed my tripod -
to help with the camera shakes !! LOL !!
Pass me the soap please !!
Or even just the person who handed him a towel
to dry off !!!

Cheeky chap !! ;o)
Not a case of flicking a tea towel at those
taught buttocks .. but wouldn`t your hands
just fit perfectly nestled holding them girls ?? !! !!!
* BIG laugh and smile *
BTW - if by chance you`re reading this Christian -
i would love a signed autograph !! Wishful thinking ....

Have a " peach " of a day !!
( Sorry - bad pun !!! ) ;o)

You still have time to enter my small
giveaway - on the below post also ..
You can have as many goes as you like ..
the guess`s so far are partially right -
Hint 2 - i used my tripod !


sherry lee said...

Nothing wrong with a 42 year old woman having a crush...nothing at all. And oh my...that is one fine specimen (the last photo I mean!!) :) See, we may be getting up in years but we're not dead!! :)

PEA said...

As if I wasn't having enough problems with hot flashes, you go and get me all hot and bothered with this post! LOL Oh boy, Christian Bale certainly is gorgeous, isn't matter which side he's facing! hehe I haven't seen his latest movies yet but plan on renting them on dvd, those that are available now. Hey we may be getting older but geez, we can still appreciate a good looking man! LOL xoxo

Lynn said...

LMBO, I think you got me all hot and bothered too now just like PEA, and I even prefer the back of him to the front :) Not into those type of movies sweetie, but we all have our own taste right? Vince however loves them and has a whole set of Matrix DVD's.

*Noelle* said...

wooooooo-weeeeee!!! whistle, whistle!! now that is one fine booty!!! LOL


noelle ♥

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh my goodness, are those real? I feel like a teenager again!