We recently had a visit to
Oakwell Hall Country Park .
Built in 1583 - an Elizabethan manor house
in a 100 acres of parkland . Visitors can peruse
the grounds and garden - for free , with
an entrance fee for the house . It was a pleasant
way to idle away an hour or two .

The house front ..

Rear -with 17th century styled garden .

A few of the diverse array of flowers ..

And i was quite chuffed to capture
a bumble bee inside this flower ! ;o)
I could not tell properly on my preview
camera screen if i had a good picture , i had to
wait until i got home to download it .
Pretty good huh ??

Enjoy your day !!


*Noelle* said...

so beautiful! looks like a mysterious place full of stories; i love old homes!

juls4real said...

Great photographs. You are so lucky to have nice trips with such lush gardens to view. xo juls