Guess How ...

It took me 2 trips to our local
cemetery , to get some photos .
The first visit - i took mostly colour ,
and getting home and viewing them -
I realised - that the few black and white
shots looked so much better to me. So i had to pay
another visit . I had a play with the colour -
as you may be able to tell also .
Maybe because of the age of the stones , crumbled and
weathered and many probably unvisited today .The
elaborately decorated headstones something which was
done in days gone by , unlike many today .
In my opinion - they do look better in monochrome .
I`ve always loved visiting cemetery`s -
maybe you can call it , a morbid fascination -
seeing the names , how long they lived and how
old they were when they passed , some at a very young age .
I have a respect for them , and in my head , if i have to cross
over a grave for some reason - i apologise ! !
So - with out much explanation - here they are ..

Down the lane before i entered - i saw this baby magpie !!
My first sighting !! ;o) Frozen and frightened , he let
me take a few snaps . I think he had lost his mother -
but he was gone when i passed to go home .
I call it fate i saw him ...
UPDATED - i found some photos are not clickable
if you want to see them ! Just try them out !

Colour comparison ...

A missing head - nowhere to be seen
which is sad ...

A fly ...

And some camera trickery ...
adding myself - as a ghost ...
Can you see me ???

The first person to guess how i did this -
in a comment on this post -
will get a signed printed copy of a Maisey art postcard
taken from one of my drawings - below !
You have until Tuesday 9th June -
when i will reveal all !! ;o) Hint -
it was pretty simple - which it has to be for me !!
Have a great weekend !!


sherry lee said...

No comparison at all Carolyn...all cemetary photos are best in black and white with some sepia edging...these are gorgeous shots, absolutely stunning!!

And adding yourself as a ghost?!? Brilliant! I have no idea how you did that given that I don't know much about photoshop so I'm wondering if you used a transparency to create the effect..added your head shot to a body. However you did it and I know you'll tell all eventually, it was a brilliant idea! Love the long skirt by the way!

*Noelle* said...

WOW! i love those photos; especially of your "ghost" hehehe!! you are a wonderful photographer!!

my guess... photoshop??

noelle ♥

*Noelle* said...

NOOOO, you didn't say anything bad!! i adore you:)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I agree, the black and white ones over the colours. I'll have to come back on the 9th to see how you added yourself in. Not a clue, not a clue.

PEA said...

Like you, I absolutely love walking through old cemeteries and looking at the names and dates, as well as admiring the headstones. I really don't know why, but they've always fascinated me. Oh yes, looking at the pictures in black & white and/or sepia makes them so much more interesting!!! And look at you as a it! As to how you did it, I'm thinking you used photoshop...cut out a picture of yourself, made a new layer with it, used the color balance to make it paler and then added it to a graveyard picture. Something like that! lol xoxo

Lynn said...

Wow, amazing photos Carolyn, and I just love you as a "ghost" :)
If I was going to do that I would probably have taken two photos, one with and one without myself, then layered them in a graphics program. I would then fade the one with myself on using an Opacity I think it's called so you can almost see through me.
Best guess, but you may have done it another way :)