I created a
last batch of mushrooms - for now
anyway ;o) I do love eating them
and i even had them 3 times in a day
while we were away on holiday !!
They stand around 4 " tall and have a
small pebble at the base to stabilize them .

hand sewn from vintage/ new fabrics

This red one - i decided to put some
Yorkshire lavender in the cup top .
This set listed in my SHOP

A more unusual one - made from the softest
vintage kid glove leather -

And i love the pattern on this .

The underside is reversed - a suede look.

And as you`ve guessed - we have the
computer fixed ! After staying in all day -
waiting ... and more waiting ....
looking out of my window at any car sound ..
curtain twitching upstairs .....
Why can`t they give a time to say when
they will arrive !! ?

We got it done .

I did get these shots of my sweet peas
however ... having seen a neighbours cat in
our back garden - early morning - mid c**p
right in the middle of our lawn !! I rushed out to
shoo it away , and while checking the plants as well ,
rain / dew were sat on them .

Some sort of bug - and he was not scared
of me , he just sat there .

This is a pod - if i save it and dry it out ,
i will get seeds to grow more !!

I hope everyone has a great weekend !!


sherry ♥ lee said...

Glad the computer is up and running...sitting in and waiting is the worst!!

Love these close up shots on the sweet peas...the dew especially!!

More ''ve got the knack for the fungi!!! :)

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn:-)

Finally catching up with glad to hear that your computer is fixed and I agree with you about it being frustrating when you wait and wait and wait for the repairman to arrive! lol

Look at those darling mushrooms! They are so cute, you really did a good job on making them. You need a few faeries to sit under them now! hehe xoxo

juls4real said...

Oh, your story and mushrooms are so cute. I hope you are still contemplating a writing career.

;) Juls

Deepika Gupta said...

Just Amazing work!!