Would you believe it - here is
my 400th post ! ?
Just over 2 years blogging -
and i am still here ;o)

So to mark this celebration -
some of my furry friends have joined
us .... ** Giggle ** ;o)

And for you all who have joined in ....
or happened to stumble upon my blog ..

I just wanted to thank all of my
loyal readers - who have visited . All
of your comments and encouragement ,
for the friendships i have made on here -
Without this blog , i would not have met
so many wonderful people . It is one of the
best things i have done in my life .

Although sometimes you have a love / hate
relationship with your blog , the time it eats
away , when you could be doing other things .
It out weighs that when you meet , read other
blogs and have inspiration and support from
fellow bloggers .
I do appreciate each and everyone of you -
and i give you a big cyber hug .
So thankyou to my followers - old and new ...

It is " tradition " - to have some sort of a giveaway
and to be honest , it has prayed on my mind a little.
I knew this was coming up .. and i was thinking of
what i could do for a giveaway . Some of you know
i am unemployed - the past 8 long months now -
and without any funds to post items off , i hit a
brick wall - should i say something on here , like i am
doing now ? Not bother and let the post past by with no
word of it ??

No - so here i am offering a little something .
I have created more vintage wallpaper digital college
sheets - all at the top of my side bar to view .
Anyone who wishes to have one - can do so ,
just leave your choice in your comment on here only -
my email button is there too incase i do not have a
way of contacting you .

I`m leaving this open until sunday morning - my time.
Then i am listing the rest at a special price to
purchase from monday .

Thanks for stopping by -
and enjoy your weekend !!



Lynn said...

Congratulations on your 400th post Carolyn :)
Hopefully some work will come up for you soon, it must get so discouraging after all this time.
It is very nice of you to offer us one of you collage sheets, I would love any of them but I love the blues. Thank you so much :)

sherry ♥ lee said...

I'm glad you are here...after 2 years!!! I must have met you then just shortly after you started blogging! I hadn't been blogging long myself at that point either. Now that I think about it, it was 2 years ago this month, probably around this time. Where does time go?

Wonderful that you have done 400 posts, all of them wonderful I might add.

I have everything crossed (and then some!) that meaningful employment will find it's way to you in the very near future.

And as always, your generosity is such a big part of who you are. No giveaway is ever "necessary" as far as I'm concerned when it comes to blogging, but I understand completely why you are doing this and what you are offering is so absolutely "you"!

How on earth to decide when they are all fabulous?? But I am going with Autumn 2 -- I've gone into a "green" period! Thank you sweetie!

♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary!! I completely forgot about mine back in May I believe and am trying to figure out something to do now!!
I will be praying for your about your job situation- it is a tough time but not too tough for God to find you a job- praying for one that you love beyond imagination!!

I would love the Sarah Kay collection- love those delicate flowers!


PEA said...

Congratulations on your 400th post, dear Carolyn!! I'm sooo very happy that we became friends through this wonderful blogging world of ours:-) I just love all the little furry friends who are celebrating with us! hehe Leave it to you to be so generous as let us choose one of your many beautiful collages...I'm very partial to the Sarah Kay Flowers one:-) Thank you, dear friend, for being YOU!! xoxo

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Carolyn,

CONGRATULATIONS, Friend!!! WOW!! 400 posts. I agree with Sherry that no giveaway is necessary, but I do like the trees in Autumn 1! I'm ready for cottonwood tree's leaves are already falling. Thanks for stopping by today. CELEBRATE!!!
Hugs to you,

*Noelle* said...

congrats hun!!! i am so GLAD to have found you:)

Meggie said...

OMG, Carolyn! 400 posts! Congrats!! I've never been to such extravagant birthday parties as yours. It's been a pleasure knowing you, dear friend. I hope you find employment real soon.