I haven`t done a canvas in a while ..

So here is the latest one ...

" Effervescence "

Chunky canvas - size 7 x 9.5 "

textured canvas - with acrylic paints

Below 2 photos are clickable ...

With white metallic paint overlaid in places.

Thanks for popping by -
and enjoy your day !!


Lynn said...

This is fantastic Carolyn, I just love texture, and it's funny because I just finished a canvas in blue and white too with texture using acrylics. We must have been thinking of each other :)

Meggie said...

Hello Carolyn! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I can see you have been very the textured canvas and the magic that you do with it. I also like the blue background of your blog...very nice! Hope you've been well, I'll try to visit more regularly. Have a great day!

sherry ♥ lee said...

This reminds me of where I've just come from!!!!