I`d like you to meet ..
Olivia .P. Hooter !! ;o)

Pen watercolour drawing -
9 x 7 "
and maybe you`re wondering why i
named her that ?

Because i asked my other half what name should
i call her - and he suggested

Hooter !!

*** The P doesn`t stand for anything either -

i just put that in ;o) ***

Also listed all of my new vintage wallpaper

digital college sheets HERE

Special offer of £ 1.30 - approx $ 2 !


sherry ♥ lee said...

Happy to meet Olivia P....Hooter!!! Leave it to a man to come up with that name (you do know what hooters mean in this part of the world, right?!?) -- now, to be fair to him, he was naming an owl, so the hooter fits!!! ;)

Anyway, Olivia is delightful with her beautiful blue eyes...and the "P" gives her dignity and a little mystery, especially if you have no idea what the "P" stands for!

Meggie said...

So nice to meet you Miss Olivia P. You are adorable!

PEA said...

Well isn`t Miss Olivia P. Hooter just the prettiest owl around:-) I wonder if your hubby knows about the bars we have around here called Hooters...all the waitress have big boobs! LOL

Carolyn, thank you so much for the wallpaper collage sheet you emailed me, I just LOVE it!!! xoxo

Lynn said...

She is beauuuuuutiful!!!!!!! Love your little paintings so much. She would make a great note card for thank you's or whatever :)