Not Just For Food ...

Earlier this morning - i have been busy dyeing
lace for future projects . I found i had LOADS
of white / cream and i wanted to use them - but
it wasn`t the correct colour. I had read about doing it
yourself - so i have had a go - and with some
great results !
I used food colouring !! So i thought i`d share it
with you ;o)

Here is a cotton piece in a bowl - i just added
a tiny amount of water .. Squeezed it out -
with disposable gloves on - i might add !!

All drying on the kitchen table ..

What some pieces looked like before ....

And the result after .. .
I love the top right one best - a lovely
teal colour ...

I had some blue left in my bowl -
so i added a few drops of red - and viola - purple !!
On a few snippets of cotton lace .

I also tried net lace - and this came out
2 toned blue ;o) I didn`t think it would
take - as it is mostly synthetic -
but it`s trial and error . There are a few pieces that
i wasn`t happy with - so i`m going to redye them .
Later i am trying brown .

And on a couple of small felted pieces too .

So if you want your own dyed cotton lace - why not give it a try ??


sherry ♥ lee said...

Trial and error...exactly like life!! And your pieces turned out beautifully...the teal one especially!!

Lynn said...

Ooooo yes, they are lovely, all of them. I have never tried food coloring now I know how it works :) I often use tea or coffee, sure you have done that too.

PEA said...

I've dyed white lace in tea/coffee to make it look vintage but I've never thought of using food coloring! Yours turned out beautiful and I can well imagine how much fun you're having experimenting:-) xoxo

Meggie said...

Nice job, Carolyn! I love how the lace turned out.