199th Post ....

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My blog shop

Another Etsy banner , for Rhonda`s mum .

And as the title post says .. I am ONE post

away from 200 !!

I would never have dreamt of being still here,

blogging away , changing and growing in aspects

of my own creative world . You get out - what you

put in , and i have so much more i want to

achieve . From leaving my comfort zone of

creation , to the first step in creating art, to hopefully

being published in Somerset Studio or Cloth

paper Scissors . A decision on which one , is not

made yet .

Without taking part in various " parties "

and events . I would not have me those creative

and inspirational artists , that have stayed with

me , and made it easier for me to carry on ,

and not give up doing it .

So i would like to say thankyou all .

And all those who believe in me .

I will be having 2 giveaways for my

celebration . One is something handmade ,

and the other ........ you will have to bring

yourself back here to see - this weekend !

I hope you will join me


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Miss Magpie-Pixie, you know I wouldn't miss your 100th for the world...I will be here!! :)

I love this banner you have done for Rhonda's mum (saying Rhondamum's mum would be a mouthful wouldn't it?!)...gorgeous!!!

I hope you will be submitting to BOTH Somerset and CPS -- I mean, why limit yourself?? Hmmmm??? I know you will give that consideration because I believe we can be more than one place -- don't you?!? LOL!!! Of course you do!!

PEA said...

Ooooh getting so close to that 200th post:-) Who would have thought when we first started blogging that we'd have so much to say?! lol I love coming here and seeing your creativity...hopefully you will continue to create and blog for many more years to come yet:-) xox

Meggie said...

Dear Caroline: Did you hear about my darling Patrick (Swayze)? He has pancreatic cancer. He looked so good at your birthday party and danced the night away, who would have known he was ill? I'm so happy I got to bring him to your lovely birthday party. It will be a lovely memory for all time. I'll be back in a day or two to celebrate your 200th post.

Abbie said...

Hi Carolyn!
congrats on 200!! I'll most definitely stop back by. I just love the photo of the antique shop below.. what a lovely building. It must have been full of fabulous treasures!
Hope your weekend is lovely!
:) Abbie

Rhondamum said...

Well now, what would this party be without me????

Congrats on your 200th! I wonder if I will get there one day. Count me in!

Any publication would be so lucky to show some of your work Caz! I believe in you and you should too. I want an autographed copy though, ok!

I'm blessed to have ya!