Thrift Joys And love .....

The first day of March
When it feels like i was just welcoming in the New year ,
time is sure flying by , don`t you think ?
The past 2 weeks , i travelled to my home
town , to see what i could hunt down .
Being the ever bargain buyer , and not wanting
to pay what i think is over the odds -
that`s the Yorkshire lass in me ;o)
I managed to find some things ...

A vintage French postcard ...

More books ! 1973 childrens , and 1963 Enid Blyton .

1920`s sheet music book , and a medical nursing book .
Which was used at a hospital in Halifax -
which is not that far from me !

A childrens picture dictionary , with pages like these

And my favourite find -
A handmade double quilt cover !
I love all the fabric pieces in this quilt ,
although i am considering dismantling it .
I am just admiring it for now ..

Vintage linens and lace , and a vibrant ball of

wool fibres . I was immediately drawn to the colours,

which i think we all need something to brighten

the day up with , and trying to get out my colour

comfort zone !!

So it was a fruitful time for my thrift buys .

Sometimes , i do not see anything , and feel

i have missed out on something . Then next

you find things that bring joy to your heart .

Speaking of which ..

Here`s a photo - for my sweet friend Rhonda .

I know she`s absolutely mad on the British Robin .

Another one to add to your stash !!

Doesn`t he look beautiful - all soft

and fluffy ! ?? She has just done a post

herself on her love of them , so check out

all her photo`s !

And finally - I was gifted with yet another

award - From another dearest friend of mine

Sherry . If i had received it before you .

I would have no hesitation in passing it on

to you . It made me smile , that she loves me that

much . When you look at the photo , you cannot

measure love in the length of the arms out stretched .

A simple image like that , can say it all .

Love is in many forms , actions , unspoken words ,

objects , nature . The list is long ..

It gives me great pleasure in passing this award

on to you .....

Rhonda !!

You deserve it !

You make me laugh , brighten up my day .

Send me unexpected gifts , and you are just

what i call a true friend of mine ...

Without having this blog , i would not have met you ,

along with so many others . It has brought me a

whole new world of new friends . Of which i am

so thankfull for ...

Wishing you a happy weekend !!


Rhondamum said...

That just brought a tear to my eye Caz. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I hope that you know I feel the same way. I am blessed to have you and really do consider you a dear friend. I know our paths will cross one day.

I LOVE that puffy robin. I just want to pick it up and squeeze it. I need a huge stuffed robin, as in a stuffed animal, not a stuffed real robin, gross. A huge one that would fill my lap and cuddle with me. That would be so wonderful!

By the way, did you ever get your wall paper? If not I will just have to pass along some more for you!

Have a great weekend and thank you so much!


Echo & The Bunnymen are awesome!

amy said...

What a pretty robin! And plump! I haven't been to thrift stores or antique stores in forever. I should save up and plan a trip. What great goodies you found! I love the quilt top too. To think someone worked on that and then it got donated somewhere and was never finished. I love finding things like that and finishing them or giving them a home.

Abbie said...

Hi Carolyn!
I received your package on Friday! THANK YOU!! It was just filled with perfect lovelies! I'll post about it tomorrow, (if fate allows) Love your finds.. isn't it just the best feeling when you find something wonderful? The robin is cutie!
Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Fabulous finds Carolyn!!! I love the bright fibres -- just what I need to see every day -- I'm so tired of drab -- longing, longing, longing for the colours of springtime!!

It's amazing isn't it? this little girl has stretched her arms across the atlantic from me to you and now her arms are extending back over the altantic to THAT is love!! :)

Meggie said...

LOVE the quilt, Carolyn...lovely colors! The robin is quite a cutie...don't know if I've ever seen one like it.

Clevelandgirlie said...

This birdie "looks" how I "feel" - hence, the diet!

Moanna said...

I was scrolling down through the posting, thinking I'd comment on the quilt-top which is lovely, but then I saw what you said in closing. I love how you say Rhonda is your friend, not blog friend, because that's how I feel about friends I've met through blogging. There's no diff, in my opinion. A friend's a friend, period.