Grange Over Sands - Cumbria

Old photo from hotel brochure .

We set off on friday , with myself eagerly
wanting to go to the hotel i had seen from
the main road while passing . We stopped at a castle
before checking in later that day , pictures in another
post about that but it was the wrong one !!

OMG !! I couldn`t believe it !!

We were supposed to stop here

But because i could not remember the
name , we searched on the internet , and thought
it was this one !! We drove passed it , and i said
" it`s that one ! " , just to go a few hundred yards
further along to the hotel we had booked into .
So , as you can imagine , i was a little
disappointed . But decided , not to let that set back
spoil our few days there .
We did go and visit it , and got a brochure ,
along with a couple of photos .

Our hotel in the distance

Grange or 'Graunge' is a French word meaning granary and the monks of nearby Cartmel Priory stored their grain here until Grange-over-Sands, a tranquil and charming Edwardian resort on the Cumbrian Coast. Once a tiny fishing hamlet at the crossing of the sands of Morecambe Bay, the coming of the railway made Grange into a popular holiday resort. Its historic buildings in the beautiful local limestone are now part of the town's character Henry VIII dissolved England's monasteries in 1536.

The entance to The Grand Hotel .

Built in 1866 in the classical Italian style .

Views from the balcony

Looking to the sands of Morecombe Bay .

Pool and jacuzzi with steam / sauna rooms


One of the staircases

Main downstairs corridoor

With rooms like these to relax in .

The hotel`s resident cat !
Waiting for some tidbits of food !!

My sweet - sticky toffee pudding !

Looking down the main street , with small
shops on either side .

View walking halfway down the road .

A couple of window shops i loved .

A park at the bottom with ducks

The railway station built in 1857

Railway line which runs along the coast .

This quaint small village , is well worth stopping by
to visit . Although you can drive through it too easily ,
blink , and you miss it . I found it very relaxing ,
and could easily have a second home there !
More photo`s of castles we visited to follow !!


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Oh Carolyn, I feel the disappointment at having "picked" the wrong hotel!! But...bright side? The one you had is beautiful in it's own right, and the town is gorgeous (love those shops!) with breathtaking scenery. AND..you'll just have to make another trip in the near future to stay at the other one!! :)

Meggie said...

Oh Carolyn: I hope you were not too disappointed...the hotel where you stayed is absolutely gorgeous. You can always go back to the other one at a later date. You sound like you enjoyed yourself inspite of it all...like I knew you would. That's what positive people do.....

Rhondamum said...

While looking at these pics, it reminds me of when I lived there for a short time. The beauty is just wonderful, and I think to myself how many of these beautiful sites are an everyday thing for you. The beauty of the countryside, a beautiful old building, sheep (okay, not any in your pics, but you know what I mean). I love it when you share your journeys with us and I am glad you had a nice time! You deserved it!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi carolyn
ohhhh i want to go on holiday with you!!!
what a beautiful place
thanks so much for sharing your journey's with us