Castles Visited In The Cumbria Area ...

Built in 1630 , with different styles of architectural
features added through the ages .

Unfortunately for both castles , and many stately homes ,
no inside photography was allowed . Which is such a shame ,
as i would have loved to have shown you some of the
few rooms we did get to have a look around .
And i could not find a postcard photo of them to buy ,
or i would have scanned it for you .

Walking down the side to the walled garden
built in 1730

A peak through the pruned gate hedge

Unusually shaped tree

A view from a far , in some of the grounds

The courtyard - where the tea room was

This castle is supposed to be haunted Rhonda !

Then they have an owl sanctuary there , if

you have not clicked on the link right at
the top title name . You could sponsor one
if you wished to do so , and told about which of the
owls were on the potential extinct list . I felt sorry for them being
caged up like this . However it is a good thing to get the message
out that they are endangered owl species and to
actually see them " in the flesh " . But sad that it has to be
done this way , when they should be free to fly .

Me perusing the tiny shop they had there ;o)

On one of the few times i wear a hat !!

It was very cold and windy !!

And the fluffy owl that said " take me home with you ! "

The walk down ..

Creeping vines on a wall

And views that you would have , if

you lived there .

I have just a few more photo`s to show you !
but i hope that you got a feel of the castles
that i have visited !
Thank you for taking a look !!


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

I love castles...shame you weren't allowed photographing the interior but that's understandable with how light affects artifacts (I used to work in an archives - this I know about!!). You would think though, that they would have some post cards, taken with care that could be used...but obviously they take their archival responsibilities seriously (which, is a good thing).

You look cute in your hat!! This was one winter when I wore hats a lot, no matter how long I was going to be outdoors -- it was just that kind of cold!

amy said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos. I could just move in there. There's even owls!


Rhondamum said...

BOO! I have a feeling that most of the castles there are haunted, silly girl. I went by so many haunted spots when I lived there. I wish we had history like that here.

Have you been to Chester? Love it there, very haunted.

I love all of your pics and stories. You look cute in your little hat... did you take the little owl home? Yes, sad the caged one can't fly, but being the wise owl he is, I bet he knows he is helping his species.

Can't wait to visit a place like that with you! One day, maybe....


Mary Ann (Moanna) said...

Love the castles. You must be having a blast! And I agree, you in the hat...cute!