Seasons Change ...

My Birthday Bouquet .

Sunday morning , we change our clocks here
in the UK forward one hour to British Summertime !
A time when the evenings stay lighter
and you do not get up in the dark
and come home from work in the dark !
I am yearning for more daylight , warmer weather,
sitting out on an evening on our patio .

I know some of you will already have changed
your clocks , but i would like to wish you all

A Happy Spring Time !!

And an Enjoyable Weekend !!


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Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Happy springtime to you too Carolyn!! We did do this a few weeks ago but it feels wrong -- it will only be this weekend that my body actually feels that it's "right". I have no idea why we changed -- we used to do it after you in the U.K. --- and the sun is out today -- what could be better?!?!