Closed ....

* photographed locally

Passed by people ,
Not noticing you anymore .
Standing there , slowly decaying ....
No more - will pass through your door .
To see the delights of the past ,
Soak up the smells ...
And the tales they could tell .
A piece of furniture ,
Lovingly made .
No more care and attention ,
For which it craved .
An old piece of lace ,
Which lay on a table .
To a cracked tea pot ,
Stained with love .
A picture postcard ,
Saying - wish you were here ?
Captured moments in time ,
Of thought loved ones so dear .
Your secrets are safe ,
No longer shall we see .
What more you had to give ,
For yourself - and me ...


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

haunting words that echo the haunting emptiness of an abandoned store -- the walls of which are soaked with history and memory.

I saw the post title and thought "OMG -- Carolyn is no longer bloggin?!?!" Whew!!

Moanna said...

Makes me want to come buy it and open it. As if...