Wallpaper Pocket

I`ve been at my sewing machine again ,
and come up with this ..

Vintage wallpaper pocket holder .
To store some of your paper stash in !

Available in my shop .
I have just made one at the moment ,
to see how it goes down !


A Creative Weekend ...

This weekend , i have had a burst of
inspiration , and an excuse to create ,
as my other half is poorly . He says he never gets
poorly , so he must be unwell !! And i thought it
was an ideal opportunity for new items
to be put in my

Little spring notecards ...

And Mother`s day cards ..

It has made a change for me , doing cards
again , and in a sewing medium which i have
not tried before .
I hope you like them !!


Seasons Change ...

My Birthday Bouquet .

Sunday morning , we change our clocks here
in the UK forward one hour to British Summertime !
A time when the evenings stay lighter
and you do not get up in the dark
and come home from work in the dark !
I am yearning for more daylight , warmer weather,
sitting out on an evening on our patio .

I know some of you will already have changed
your clocks , but i would like to wish you all

A Happy Spring Time !!

And an Enjoyable Weekend !!



Sharing My Finds ..

I was so glad to come across an entire unopened roll of
vintage wallpaper ! It is like gold dust here in the UK .
And i have to resort to buying from the USA ,
and i have just listed some to share in my

Just 2 packs available for now ,
so if you`re interested , let me know !

Also i am just doing some spring style cards

using my sewing machine , that i`d bought

months ago , and finally got around to

using it ! It`s the first time i have sewn

on card - and i`m loving it !!


Castles Visited In The Cumbria Area ...

Built in 1630 , with different styles of architectural
features added through the ages .

Unfortunately for both castles , and many stately homes ,
no inside photography was allowed . Which is such a shame ,
as i would have loved to have shown you some of the
few rooms we did get to have a look around .
And i could not find a postcard photo of them to buy ,
or i would have scanned it for you .

Walking down the side to the walled garden
built in 1730

A peak through the pruned gate hedge

Unusually shaped tree

A view from a far , in some of the grounds

The courtyard - where the tea room was

This castle is supposed to be haunted Rhonda !

Then they have an owl sanctuary there , if

you have not clicked on the link right at
the top title name . You could sponsor one
if you wished to do so , and told about which of the
owls were on the potential extinct list . I felt sorry for them being
caged up like this . However it is a good thing to get the message
out that they are endangered owl species and to
actually see them " in the flesh " . But sad that it has to be
done this way , when they should be free to fly .

Me perusing the tiny shop they had there ;o)

On one of the few times i wear a hat !!

It was very cold and windy !!

And the fluffy owl that said " take me home with you ! "

The walk down ..

Creeping vines on a wall

And views that you would have , if

you lived there .

I have just a few more photo`s to show you !
but i hope that you got a feel of the castles
that i have visited !
Thank you for taking a look !!


Grange Over Sands - Cumbria

Old photo from hotel brochure .

We set off on friday , with myself eagerly
wanting to go to the hotel i had seen from
the main road while passing . We stopped at a castle
before checking in later that day , pictures in another
post about that but it was the wrong one !!

OMG !! I couldn`t believe it !!

We were supposed to stop here

But because i could not remember the
name , we searched on the internet , and thought
it was this one !! We drove passed it , and i said
" it`s that one ! " , just to go a few hundred yards
further along to the hotel we had booked into .
So , as you can imagine , i was a little
disappointed . But decided , not to let that set back
spoil our few days there .
We did go and visit it , and got a brochure ,
along with a couple of photos .

Our hotel in the distance

Grange or 'Graunge' is a French word meaning granary and the monks of nearby Cartmel Priory stored their grain here until Grange-over-Sands, a tranquil and charming Edwardian resort on the Cumbrian Coast. Once a tiny fishing hamlet at the crossing of the sands of Morecambe Bay, the coming of the railway made Grange into a popular holiday resort. Its historic buildings in the beautiful local limestone are now part of the town's character Henry VIII dissolved England's monasteries in 1536.

The entance to The Grand Hotel .

Built in 1866 in the classical Italian style .

Views from the balcony

Looking to the sands of Morecombe Bay .

Pool and jacuzzi with steam / sauna rooms


One of the staircases

Main downstairs corridoor

With rooms like these to relax in .

The hotel`s resident cat !
Waiting for some tidbits of food !!

My sweet - sticky toffee pudding !

Looking down the main street , with small
shops on either side .

View walking halfway down the road .

A couple of window shops i loved .

A park at the bottom with ducks

The railway station built in 1857

Railway line which runs along the coast .

This quaint small village , is well worth stopping by
to visit . Although you can drive through it too easily ,
blink , and you miss it . I found it very relaxing ,
and could easily have a second home there !
More photo`s of castles we visited to follow !!


Spur Of The Moment Break

The decorating is going well ,
however , i wanted to go away for at least
an overnight stay somewhere . So we have
booked to go away for a couple of days!!

Doing 4 days solid of decorating , gets to you ,
and i need some time and a change of
scenery . Doesn`t everyone ! ??
The hotel we are going to is here ,

I`ve seen it while passing , stood in tress
and beautiful grounds, and said , i
would love to stay there sometime .
Now we are doing , for 2 nights !!
So i want to wish everyone
" A Happy Easter ! "

And i will be back before you know it -

fingers crossed with some wonderful

photographs for you all !!


Wallpaper Peak !

Just thought i would give you a peak at the
wallpapering i am just on with right now !!
Taken from the stairs ....
Anyway , back to it !
More photos of the finished project to
be shown later !!


The Results Are Here !!

First of all , i`d like to thank everyone
who visited and commented on my
200th post giveaway ! I was pleased
with the response , and have met more
new people out there .

So with out further a do , and not keep
you all in suspense any longer ...
Here are my winners !

I used the random number generator ,
from The One World One Heart event .

My blog head banner winner is ..


Please email me , and we can start the ball rolling !

The altered wooden coaster goes to ,
a well deserving creative friend -

And you told me , i was having some

good luck !! (( muah ))

So well done to you both , and i

hope you enjoy your winnings !!

I will be away , for most of next week -

boo- hoo ! My partner has holiday , so

my blogging time will be limited . But no

doubt i will be lurking about now and then .

Enjoy your weekend everyone !!


Spring Sale

I am having a spring sale in my shop -
ready for some new goodies to go in !

Just added today , one of 2 different styles
of handmade bag books , vintage and spring
styles , ready for you to decorate !!

And another banner i made , this time ,
as a gift for my friend Tammy
I saw she was having problems with her
banner head , so i whipped one up for her ,
and she was so pleased with it !!

And today is the last day to enter my

200th post giveaway !! . Thankyou to

all who have commented so far !

See you all tomorrow for the draw

winners names !!