Spring and Easter journal pages
i created ..

And Sherry

Asked in a recent post - where do we

see beauty ? . Beauty is all around us

even in the mundane things in life . And beauty

dwells in the heart of life ...

Like my bush voodoo fuchsia - 4 weeks ago

it was a 2" plant - now it is a foot tall and the

first bloom appearing .


Although i didn`t make it for the friday
challenge - I couldn`t find one here at home
or purchase one .

We had to alter a bottle .
I decided to show members this one i
did long ago - when i first started altering
items - and give them ideas of what can be done .
And without looking way back in my posts -
i`m pretty sure i have shown this . So if you have
already seen this - sorry for the repeat post !!

Using alcohol inks on the front panel part only -
" framing " it with a gold leaf krylon pen

Adding fibres and a vintage clip on earring
i had in my stash . Can you imagine wearing
that today ! ? I love finding what i call garish
jewellery pieces - and you can get them cheap-
as no one else wants them !!
When the sunshines on it - it looks
better and the green glass is more visible .


Mini Applique ...

Here is my latest creation .
After having a self inflicted eye
injury -and to cut a long story short -
we planted chilli seeds outside - miss
bird brain - me - didn`t wash my hands
properly and i rubbed my left eye - resulting in
a painful swollen running eye for a day .
So i wasn`t up to making and creating - but
all is well now ! ;o) Lesson learned !!
" Summer Pink " applique
size 2.25 " x 3 "

Using - various fabric scraps
small metal jewellery charm

Vintage button and millenery flower
with 3 seed beads and embroidered
leaf . Hand sewn blanket stitch edge

A pin brooch back could be added
to wear it or leave it as is . It is sturdy
and has a blue fabric backing .
So i`m offering it here to purchase .
Price £ 5.25 - British pounds
Currency conversion on
purchase including postage .
I worked it out to approx $ 7.60 US
depending on exchange rate .


Easter Nests ..

I dashed out this morning to
buy some mini chocolate eggs - to finish the
look of these Easter nests i created.

Made from vintage doilies / trims and raffia handles .
The two shades of blue are 3 " wide and
the tiny cream one is an inch wide . They
were shaped and " set " with modge podge .

And my duck keyring ;o)
sat in a wool nest with wooden eggs .
Strips of wool were dipped in PVA glue and
shaped around a ceramic bowl . A messy job - and you can
still see the glue - i may try modge podge next time !

Then i weaved some pieces of wool
in between the holes .

I will be sorting a price out for the
crochet nests and putting them in
my shop as soon as possible .
Or give me a holler on here beforehand -
if you`re interested !


Hardwick Hall - is where we visited
yesterday - in Derbyshire - not too far
away from our home .
It is one of Britain's best and complete
Elizabethan properties . With many tapestries
paintings and furniture from the 16th century .

The entrance that greeted us ..

Of course - no photos we allowed inside -
many items were very fragile and shown in
their dimly lit rooms with blinds for
protection from the sunlight .
But i did manage to get these -
in the restaurant which was part
of the side building .
There were big wooden benches and tables
which you sat at - which felt unusual !
And i sneaked taking these - from where we were sat .
Although no-one said not to take any photos inside .
An old oven ..

Copper utensils everywhere and metal plates

And a stove and another oven - i think

2 postcard scans below ..

The blue room - with rich tapestries

lining the walls ..

The High Great Chamber .
Above the dado rail were freezes of
scenes - trees animals people .. Quite the best
decoration i have seen. As it was not flat looking
it looked like plaster or wood added to give a 3D effect .

Outside in the grounds ...

Just behind a wall - was the old Hardwick Hall ruins ..

Huge fireplace - with plaster still on the walls -
after hundreds of years ! Dotted about were many
plaster pieces - and i felt it was a shame to leave it
exposed to the elements .

We climbed to the top

To see this ...

And the view looking to the
newer built Hardwick Hall .

It would be even more glorious in
summer and enjoy the garden more .
But this trip was well worth it !

Have a great weekend !!


More of my journal pages
just completed - we have had
nice weather here - so i have been
out and about - so nothing else has been
done . And we`re going away tomorrow -
just for the day - somewhere -
camera in hand - and hopefully photo`s
to share with you !
All pages are clickable to view ...


Here is what i created for the
Friday challenge on Etsy Cottage Style.
The theme was Easter - and to use the shape
of an egg .
Two Chicks Easter hanger .
6" x 7.25"
Mounted on felt and it has a painted
piece of bamboo stick and vintage seam binding .

The egg shape looks like card - but it is
fabric - with a vintage chicks image-
various new/vintage trims .

Just to save time - instead of listing
this in my shop .
I am going to offer this here -
with just the shipping cost to pay !
I will post it without the bamboo piece -
I tried it with a twig - and it looked fine ;o)
And you can find one for free - or you may have
a bamboo stick somewhere yourself .
To ship wood can be a little risque - and i feel happier
doing it this way .
If you`re interested click on the button below -
it will be converted to your currency
upon purchase .
Price £3.50 - British pounds .


Day And Night ...

Clusters of colour - in our local
park - more crocus and signs of
daffodils ..

And my first attempt at wednesdays
full moon . I think i needed my longer
lense - but not bad for a first try !!
And the clouds moved by the time i
thought of it !!

Have a great weekend !


More Leather Work ...

I decided to use some more of the leather
i purchased a while ago . Somethings you save
just to admire - others you decide to use -
and why just have it hanging around when you
can make something from it ?
Some photo`s are clickable to see details .

A Honey leather notebook .
Folded size - 4" x 5.75 "
I made a paper template -
to go around a plain paper note pad.

So the pad can slip inside a pocket
and another to store other paper items.

I had to "punch " the holes first -
which took the most time ! Then hand sew
the pieces together with embroidery thread .

I attatched a flap and an aged vintage
leather button - and there is room to
hold a pen beside the pad -

The leather is soft and thick -
and would age beautifully over time ..

I will be listing this in my shop soon !