I took a couple of short video clips ,
the cherry blossoms in our local park -
it was a canopy of fragrant blooms -
and covered the ground like snow .
Sadly it has gone now , and the planted
flowers have been recently pulled up too !! I
suppose ready for more to replace them - i am
so glad i filmed when i did do !!

And this is a page in my drawing book -

inspired by the video below ..

It`s only 9 seconds long , but if you listen

you can hear Mr robin singing right near the end

and fly off !! It`s a shame the video box is small ,

you cannot really make out the robin in this size .

I have since tried to get a photo

but i think he knows when i carry my camera !!

The one day i do forget it - who do i see there hopping

on the grass taunting me !! ??


Lynn said...

Beautiful little videos Carolyn, wish I could figure out how to do that on my camera. I love your Robin page too, he is very sweet :)

sherry lee said...

Cherry Blossoms and the sound of birds...spring doesn't get much better than this!!

Love the little red have such a steady, sure hand!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh yes, they are sneaky little things, aren't they? Since I knew to watch for him, I was able to see him take flight but he was a bit of a blur. I love having today's technology at hand!