We had a gorgeous weekend ,
the weather was perfect , sunny and hot.
So we were out visiting places amoungst
other things .
Nunnington Hall - a Yorkshire manor house
from the the 17th century

The bridge across the river ...

The back from the garden - it was originally
the front with a long drive up towards the house .

side garden where the tearoom served
food grown from the garden .

They had 4 resident young peacocks ,
meandering around and very tame.
Here i am sat on the grass - waiting to get a
close up shot ;o)

The young miss pea hen ..

and the shyer Mr peacock ...

Part of the grass had been cut - the rest was left ,
it looked like a wild garden .

And just a small selection of the blooming flowers ..

It is a place that we will revisit -
just to see how the seasons affects the
beautful garden !


sherry lee said...

Your camera takes fabulous photographs...but you, the photographer make them all come to life with your vision. Sharp, and well composed. And look at you, sitting among the pea fowl...you're a brave lass!!

By the way -- is that house for sale?!?!?! I'd like to buy it!!!

Summer Gypsy said...

What super pictures! When I first looked at your post, I thought "My oh my"...what a beautiful "house" Carolyn has..Haven't had my first cup of coffee yet...LOLOL!! A lovely place to spend a day....or a week...or a month!!! Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Oooo what a lovely place, and they have a tea room too? Probably even nicer than Betty's :)
Your photographs are amazing, another great talent of yours, and that first peacock looks just like the one we had at the cottage up North :)