I`ve been busy the past few days
making the extra give away winner
prizes . A sneak peak of one completed below.
I`m not saying who`s it is * giggle *

But i will posting it tomorrow ;o)

And i finished my own large Eco friendly bag .
This turned out to take longer than i expected !
Just 2 rectangles sewn on 3 sides , one turned
right side out from having right sides facing each
other .Then place one inside the other - so it is
lined , and then sandwich the handles in between the
2 pieces and sew along on the top edge .
I bought this vintage looking material a while ago
and i wish now i had purchased more of it !

The finished bag ..

Inside - which can be turned inside out .

You could put a contrasting material - but i

wanted the same .

I re-enforced my handles with iron on interfacing

and i liked the selvedge edge of the material -

instead of having to turn it over to sew !

Before i sewed the sides - i wanted a pocket
so i made a lined one . Which will be on the outside
or the inside if i turn it about .

This is going on holiday with me in a few weeks time-

although it did take me longer than anticipated -

it was well worth it ! I try and carry or reuse bags

all the time and i have an original created bag for myself !

I have some of the material left and have plans

for that - so stay tuned ;o)


sherry lee said...

That's a fabulous eco friendly bag...love the fabric!!! And the handles look great!! I'm loving the sneak peek by the way!! :)

*Noelle* said...

the eco bag is SO cute!! love the fabric!

Lynn said...

Hi sweetie pie, just dropping by to say hello :)
Love your bag, hope you use it over and over and over. We are so into using the eco friendly bags now, we have quite a few actually, I wish more people would do this, I am soooooooo into recycling.
Nice sneak peek too, whoever it is for will be very happy I am sure:)

Sanja said...

love your bag,Carolyn! :-)