Sometimes you have to look down ...

Seeing the small things - consciously
recognising them ... the beauty around me ..
And not always looking up - sometimes
you have to look down ...

The changing dandelions in my garden ..

A starling egg caught on my garden wall ..

And i took it inside - a
gorgeous shade of blue and so delicate ..

Other times - you have to go through a door ..
not knowing what you may find ..

Old Parsonage hotel -Oxford .

A snail climbing a fence ..

Vegetables ..

Helmsley garden .

And a pin cushion Pro tea head .

What will make you stop and " look " ??


Summer Gypsy said...

Hi there,
YOur photos are wonderful! Oh, as the years are going faster, I am so into looking at the "little" things that have been right there all along. But, for so long, I was too busy with the "big picture" to notice the dandlions and the clover. Very reflective post...just where I'm at now. Have a great day!

amy said...

Love these photos esp. the last one. It looks like a sea anenome almost! This Spring for the first time I actually looked closely at a dandelion that had gone to seed and it's so cool. I never would have seen it if it weren't for Melody collecting them everyday. :)

suzeeez said...

Wow....great photography Carolyn them all !

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Lovely images. Lately I havae been finding small change here, there and everywhere. I have been wondering if I am looking down too much instead of up, but this makes me realize that looking down is good too. And I don't mind having the extra money.