A tiny watercolour i did last night .
Just 10cm x 8 cm high .
Next time - i may try something larger,
as it was a little difficult to paint !

And a free image for those who want
to use it ... A Happy Mothers Day to
my international readers !!
I hope you spend an extra special day
with your loved ones ..


suzeeez said...

Hi Carloyn,
I just love your cute little watercolor ! You are a very talented lady .

sherry lee said...

oh that is so cute and so tiny!! that takes patience and skill and a steady hand!!

Thanks for the mama day wishes!!

*Noelle* said...

the watercolor is darling!!

have a wonderful day tomorrow!

noelle ♥

Lynn said...

I love it!!!! Keep on creating these little water colors of yours, I know you could have your own greeting card line :)
Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes, hope you are having a good weekend.

Sanja said...

very pretty Carolyn!:-)
have a nice day!

PEA said...

Thank you so much, dear Carolyn, I keep forgetting that you celebrate Mother's Day on a different date from us! That tiny watercolour you did is just so the ladybug and snail on the mushrooms:-) xoxo

sa said...