We had real bad thunderstorms and
lightning late yesterday - so it was decided to
turn our computer off - and a good job that
my plant was inside safe and sound !
My Voodoo fuchsia has it`s first bloom !
After having my first one drop off - due to it
being too heavy for the fragile stem .
Isn`t the colour gorgeous ! ?

Underneath shot ...

And a full moon - a few nights ago -
I left it - so more light got in during the exposure
- and these are 2 of the best photos -
to see the cloud illumination .

Have a great weekend !!


sherry lee said...

You are developing quite the serious ability with that camera of your's! I love the moon shots and the fuschia?!? Well there's not much to say when you look at beauty like this. I'm glad this one survived!!!

*Noelle* said...

wow, i have never seen a voodoo fuscia!! so pretty!! you take WONDERFUL photos as well:)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Those photos of the moon are terrific - they belong in a Hitchcock movie! And the fushia - what can I say - it's a plant with colors that look painted on. But they are delicate, good thing you brought it inside.

Meggie said...

I have the exact same color of fuschia, dear Carolyn! I didn't know it was called a vodoo fuschia. It always amazes me when something so coincidental occurs and makes the connection of friendship so remarkable. Great photos of the moon!

Marie Reed said...

What a gorgeous yet ominous sky!