It was good to have a few
days " off " for the May bank holiday .
We had a meal at a newly built curry house
after seeing X Men Origins - Wolverine
at the local flicks .
Hugh Jackman`s performance was fantastic ;o)
But i am biased ;o) The CGI was brilliant
and it is a prequel to the other X -Men films
Telling the story of how he acquired the metal
claws and body work amongst other things .

He looks to have worked out for the role ,
Looking really " buff " i might add ;o)
A photo before he got the metal -
and jumps out of the water tank -
butt naked girls ;o)
Oh - and i didn`t blink in case i missed
anything !! LOL !!

Onto other things ...
I planted some of my iceberg lettuce
outside . The left hand side cover has
tomato plants - which we made ourselves
by bending some water soaked willow and tied to
canes -to make a tunnel frame ,
with a bought cover for protection .
The plastic cover cost us a fortune !!
But being in pots inside they we not curling
so i begrudgingly paid for the moulded
plastic cover.

Not trying to sound silly -
This one is the best of the bunch- i call it my " baby "
still inside - and we`ll be picking leaves off
to eat it .

Then i made this ring last night .
A certain someone - told me it looked like
the sort of a ring you get from
a lucky bag !!!!

made with a band of sage green leather
a cut and partial sewn leaf and a flower
from a vintage clip on earring .

But i love it - and no one has one like it !

The last photos are done in the old polaroid style -
a free programme to download -
you can find it HERE


amy said...

I like your combination of subjects in this post! I was hung up on the Hugh Jackman photos and then you went on to lettuce so I was laughing! I like the ring you made too. :)

*Noelle* said...

love your new header on your blog!! hugh looks so GOOD!! he's a manly man!! lol very cute lil ring too:)

sherry lee said...

That lettuce looks amazing...bet it tastes even better!!

Glad you enjoyed the weekend...Hugh Jackman? Naked? My youngest saw that this weekend...he didn't mention that (lol!!)...wonder why?!? :) I'm still laughing that you didn't blink so you wouldn't miss a thing...you go girl!! Uh, will you be renting this when it comes out on DVD?!

Lynn said...

Hi Carolyn, long time seems like but probably only a week. I LOVE Hugh Jackman but not those type of movies, and I never go to the movie theatre either, but that's just me. I really liked him in the movie "Australia" and I even enjoyed Nicole Kidman in it, first time ever I have liked her in a movie :)
Sounds like you had a great weekend, Spring is here, let's enjoy it!

Meggie said...

Hugh Jackman is soooo hot! I would not turn away either seeing a butt naked Hugh! Be still my heart! Sweet ring, Carolyn...just darling! Your lettuce looks luscious...enjoy!