Autumn Sparkles ...

With the autumn season in my mind ..
The leaves are slowly changing
their colours - my visitor Mr
squirrel - is gathering nuts and
using our garden to store them !
And being too elusive for me taking a snap
- he`s too quick for me !!

I came across these beautiful
beaded fruits with velvet leaves .
I am offering this set in my

The rest i am keeping to create with .

I am working on a few projects

at the moment - And here`s a sneak peak

of one ....

And i cannot forget to wish all

my Canadian readers

Happy Thanks giving Weekend !!

Quick don`t forget the turkey !! ;o)

Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones !!



Sherry said...

Thank you my sweet ♥
I always cook a turkey but never eat any -- just not a favourite food. I go for all the veggies and the desserts!! hee!!

I'm off to pick up my "baby" from Uni for the weekend and enjoy a relaxing drive on this beautiful morning.

Speaking of beautiful...the blog is looking amazing..I love the background you've chose but the banner...every time I saw it's the best or my favourite and every time it's the truth -- but this one? You've completely outdone yourself and I love the new title. Suits you well!!

Sherry said...

you'll know by the spelling mistakes that I've not yet had coffee..."chosen" "say" ... what can I say?!? hee!

Abbie said...

Hi Carolyn!
:) I LOVE your art piece below! Just lovely! Can't wait to see the entire picture of the one you are working on.
Hope your weekend was fabulous!