Like Omigod! It's An 80's Birthday Bash !

Do you recognise the hosts in this photo ! ??

Yes ?? ?? The above banner is an

indication of what`s in store !!

On my blog here - and my BBFF

Rhonda`s blog

We are hosting an 80`s birthday party bash -

and celebrating Rhonda`s 40th birthday too !

On the day of our party, like, it's not just one day,

but two days. On that day, you can come to our blogs after you

post all of your like, totally cool pictures from the 80's .

We'll have a "Mr. Linky" set up so that you can post

your info - right here on our blogs.

Then, we can all visit each other and have a totally cool walk

down memory lane. So - the party is on Friday and Saturday

November 7th & 8th. If you want any ideas as to what we do,

you can check out my post Oscar Bash birthday party

from last January. That way you get an idea of the

party that i hosted .

Okay - so here is the list of,the things that you need remember:
Favorite Band
Favorite Song
My birthday gift from the 80`s
Your date ... and like, any other, like, totally awesome

things that you would like to share from the 80's.

I'm from the 80's and I'm proud! We hope to see you

at the party!

Sign up, like now.....

I do hope you will join us both - this will be fun

and bring back so many memories -

So, like, if you want to join our party, you can comment ,

on this post or Rhonda`s, and use our cool banner ,

post it on your blog with a link to either of us. We have to let

everyone know, that we are having the most

Tubular party, like ever!

Click and save the one below !


Sherry said...

Tubular?!?! :)
I just saw this on Rhonda's blog and as I told her, I think I'll have to be the "chaperone" at this party -- my 80s and your 80s are probably two different experiences lol!! But I will be there, like with my party hat on, okay?

I love how you snuck the photos of the two of you into the badge!!!!

Rhondamum said...

Like, this is going to be, like SO Awesome Caz! I hope, that like, lots of people come to our party! Like Ohmygosh!

And like, I am like, SO excited that Sherry is coming. She was, like, so much fun at your last party!


PEA said...

Cowabunga, man, how cool is this?! hehe I will post the button on my blog and then go try to find an 80's outfit to wear to the party:-) xoxo

Lynn said...

So Rhonda is turning 40? How fun, although my 80's I had just been married then had a baby and those years were so busy I don't even remember then now LOL. I will try to get over but can't promise with Cooper around I will probably forget.