While i say that i do blog - for myself -
and when i wish to do so .. I welcome any
comments from yourselves out there .
However . After receiving an email from
someone and unsuccessful at replying . I had to resort to
replying on here - when i felt it is was an unnecessary
thing to do .

So whoever it was ...

I blog because i want to - about my craft skills and
places of interest i visit . I create things from my heart
and in many forms and post photographs i have taken myself
unless otherwise stated .
I do not need to justify myself
to you on here this way .

If you personally do not
find this interests you - you do not have to read it .
Let alone get in touch and air your views .
Why take your time to say to me about your
views on this ? Written or spoken words can hurt -
and it did - for a moment - then i felt that it was
not worth wasting my time getting upset - and
wasting my time posting this .
So while you`re reading this - i hope that
you feel you have gained nothing from what
you intended to achieve .

And apology`s to my regular readers -
i know you came here for another reason
just not this - just me saying what i needed to
vent in a humane way ;o) ...


Sherry said...

The nerve, and the cheek of people who speak because they feel they have the "right". What always amazes me when people feel the "need" to do this is that they generally do so "anonymously" because bullies are usually cowardly. If someone has something specific to say it's best to say it -- with your name and take responsibility and "credit" for it. Otherwise, it's just "words" and means nothing.

I'm sorry this happened to you Carolyn and remember that you never need to justify yourself to anyone. Ever. ♥

Rhondamum said...

I just don't understand what anyone could say to you that could be negative. I love your blog, everything you do on it, and so, so blessed that because you do blog you are now my friend amoung others, like Sherry. It is sad that someone is negative enough to do that and you just have to try to send people like that some positive, as hard as it might be.

Love you girl and don't give this a second thought!

Rhonda - that's right, my name is Rhonda and I take full credit for everything said here!

Meggie said...

So sorry that someone was so nasty to you, dear Carolyn! I think you spoke your piece quite eloquently.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi carolyn
keep doing what you are doing!!!
ignore that foolish person-some people have nothing better to do than 'think' that they can hurt others-and feed on negative attention..
ignore them ...
enjoy your day the people who support you and your work are still here :)
tammy (tabby)

juls4real said...

I love your blog, your words, your art. You are an amazing artist. There are those of us that are delighted to check in on you and linger in your light. Art on, sista

PEA said...

Oh Carolyn, you were attacked by a troll were you? hehe That's what we call people who can't seem to say nice things about our you say, if they don't like it, they don't have to read it!! And like you, I will never understand why these people think it's their duty to actually let us know that they don't like our blogs. Oh well, there's always gotta be a bad one in the bunch!! This is YOUR blog and you can write and/or show whatever you want on it:-) xoxo