Lynn And I - Finally Meet !!

The day has been and gone now -
but i totally enjoyed meeting
Lynn - along with her husband
yesterday afternoon . After meeting
her at the train station - and Lynn
not really recognising myself until i
approached her !! We called in Starbucks
for a warming cup of coffee - as the weather
was windy and cold . The ice was broken -
and we chatted about many things , swapped
gifts , and remembered to take photos when we
could do .
Here we are posing for Lynn`s husband -
who did a great job of taking my photo`s !
And i think i`m showing alittle too much
cleavage in this shot and looking wind swept !! ;o)
And here we are previewing Lynn`s
photo`s - her husband had messed about with
the camera settings - and she wanted to correct
them ! And make sure she had good shots of us .

After walking around Harrogate - and
shopping ;o) We called in Betty`s Tearooms .
The building behind the below photo . Which
is a long established "posh " place to dine .
We all had a gorgeous meal and drinks -
then headed out once again .
I spent 5 hours with them - which passed by
too quickly - then it was time to say goodbye .
All my gifts that Lynn graced me with !
Laura Ashley goodies !!
Cosmetic holdall ..

Slipper socks - i love the red colour !!

Long chain stoned necklace ...

A fragrant bag of pods and Canadian acorns

that Lynn had picked herself .

And last - but not least an
altered fairy tin ! Isn`t this so
beautiful !! ? I adore this Lynn !!
Thankyou so much !!

Inside is a tiny fairy baby sitting -
and surrounded by autumnal items .
The expression is priceless !

You excelled yourself on creating this
tin Lynn - and i am grateful to be on the
receiving end of this little treasure !!

The happy couple ! !

I hope you do not mind me showing

your husband Lynn ;o) But you were both

gracious hosts in paying for everything for

us - when really i should have paid .

It was a good feeling to actually meet someone

who you had met through your blog . A little surreal

infact - I value our friendship even more so -

you are a gentle warm loving person - a

beautiful creative woman - and i thankyou for making

one of my wishes come true !

One day - i will return the favour - and visit you .


Sherry said...

Can you see the smile on my face?!?! I mean, 3 of my favourite people spending time together...because I like Vince too -- he's very down to earth and takes ALL of this -- the blogging, the shopping, the art -- in his stride.

Now how did Lynn know how much you love Laura Ashley?!? And the necklace?!?! It suits your colouring...and the tin?? One of Lynn's best works yet!

I'm so happy that you had a good day together..the smiling faces say it all (your cheeky girl you with the cleavage!! lol!!) ♥

Rhondamum said...

Look at you, lookin' all sexy! You better not try to take Brandon away from me...

I am so glad that you two had a great time and I love the pictures. Always nice to see the people I know.

One day... it's going to be me standing there!

Meggie said...

How fun to meet a fellow blogger and spend time together! Such sweet gifts, too!

PEA said...

Isn't it just so much fun to meet a blogging friend?! I so loved seeing the photos of you and Lynn, looks and sounds like you two had a wonderful first meeting:-) I also love the gifties she gave you...that tin she made for you with the faerie inside is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! xoxo

Lynn said...

Hi Carolyn :) As you know I am back home now!!! Too bad we couldn't have had more days together, that would have been so nice :) I really appreciate all your kind words about me, Vince really enjoyed your company too, and like Sherry said, he does take everything in stride, all this blog friending etc LOL, as long as I am happy then he is.
It was our pleasure to take you to Bettys , and am so glad you enjoyed it.
Maybe some day you will come to Canada and meet both Sherry and I, wouldn't that be nice?