This Once Was A hat - But Now ....

My new autumn arrangement ! !

What do you think ??
Yesterday`s Fun friday challenge
was to use a hat - so i got my thinking
" cap " on - bad joke ! ;o)
And came up with this today ! * giggle *

It was a beanie knitted hat - i received
from my sister and i had never worn it .
So i decided to use this - in an autumnal
arrangement for myself .

Using : sisal fibres - beaded fruits and velvet leaves
faux red berries and apple , various dried berries
and sliced fruit from pot pourri bag -
smells divine !

A side view of my autumn hat ..

And it is now placed on my
living room table !

Enjoy your weekend !!


Mary Ann said...

I can just see you walking down the street with this hat on. Such a joy!

Mary Ann said...

Seriously, I know you intended it for a table accessory, but just imagine the statement you'd be making if you wore it as a hat. Pick a place, any place, go. You'll see. People will come up and hug you. I'm betting.

Sherry said...

I love Mary Ann's idea - you'd remind me of Nora Batty from "Last of the Summer Wine"!!! lol!!

Seriously...that hat was perfect to use -- it looks like a nest all on it's own!