One Final Push ...

I have no completed work to show you -
yet . I am busy finishing Rhonda`s
birthday present and i need to post it off
for her tomorrow ! I have one canvas nearly
finished and many more ideas written down
for more ...

However now i want to plug -

October`s cancer awareness month
just once more .

Sherry has a treasury page on Etsy .
Titled " Breast Attitude Of All "

Showcasing some of the many Etsy sellers who are
donating part or all of their sale proceeds to
cancer research .

*** image from sherry`s blog page -

i hope you do not mind me " borrowing it " ****

Please click on the below link -
and it will take you to the above page.
Where you can click and view many
beautiful handmade items for sale -
if you wish to contribute to this months
worthy cause . The more people who
look and click - the page goes up -
and we want it at number 1 - before
precious time runs out !

Many heartfelt thankyou`s
to those who have purchased
from myself - and to Sherry - for her
Shop For The Cure Campaign . Who
has worked extremely hard to get this
off the ground and has raised funds -
brought more awareness to us all .

One of the many True Pink Warriors out there !

You have a well earned a rest girl !!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

I don't mind you using the image at all Carolyn...I'm just thrilled that you did and that you posted about this!! ♥