Lynn`s Sneak Peak ...

I am meeting Lynn tomorrow -
and i`m feeling excited and nervous
all rolled into one ! I finished this tiny
canvas for her last night - so i`m hoping
she hasn`t access to a computer - or she
will see this ! If you`re reading this Lynn
don`t go any further !! ;o)
I had some inspiration from Kelly Rae Roberts
new book - Taking Flight , and adapted it
slightly - So Lynn is the first to receive my
initial attempt at this - I do hope
she likes it !!

Lynn has just started altered art -
and is becoming a good creator in
this field . I wanted to give her something
that would affirm her creative thoughts -
and to not give up , carry on doing this ,
and believe in her work . All artists have
self doubt over their work - so i hope that when she
looks at this - it will keep her inspiration
truly flying high and grow in the process !

And i maybe sounding like a
broken record - but i have updated
with a few new items and others i have
relisted - to raise funds for Breast Cancer
awareness month .
I hope to post photos of our meeting this weekend !!


Sherry said...

Car.o.lyn!!! Lynn is going to L.O.V.E. this piece!!!! You have captured the Kelly Rae experience and if this is just your first piece, I can't wait to see more.

Lynn will definitely flip over this -- not just because it's gorgeous and you made it for her...she too just discovered Kelly Rae's book and so she will be doubly thrilled!!!

I'll be thinking of you two tomorrow--give each other a big hug from'll have a wonderful time, I just know it!

Lynn said...

Nope, I wasn't on a computer for 2 entire weeks and I do love this piece Carolyn, you put so much thought into it, thank you again so much :)