Introducing ...Bella Noir ....

Hello - my name is Bella Noir ;o)
Carolyn created me from her
imagination - and brought me to life .
I have red curly hair - blue eyes -
with lashings of black mascara -
and bee stung red lips ...
And i love to dress for any occasion .

" Bella`s Garden "
8 x 7 " flat canvas .

A woman who loves just to be at one with
mother nature - in her own garden .

A first attempt for me painting
such a small face ! ;o)


MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Words can speak for themselves.

That whisper of self doubt .

What life throws at you -

it is not as bad as you think .

*** I love this song ***

For all my friends out there -

who believe in me and support me ...


One Final Push ...

I have no completed work to show you -
yet . I am busy finishing Rhonda`s
birthday present and i need to post it off
for her tomorrow ! I have one canvas nearly
finished and many more ideas written down
for more ...

However now i want to plug -

October`s cancer awareness month
just once more .

Sherry has a treasury page on Etsy .
Titled " Breast Attitude Of All "

Showcasing some of the many Etsy sellers who are
donating part or all of their sale proceeds to
cancer research .

*** image from sherry`s blog page -

i hope you do not mind me " borrowing it " ****

Please click on the below link -
and it will take you to the above page.
Where you can click and view many
beautiful handmade items for sale -
if you wish to contribute to this months
worthy cause . The more people who
look and click - the page goes up -
and we want it at number 1 - before
precious time runs out !

Many heartfelt thankyou`s
to those who have purchased
from myself - and to Sherry - for her
Shop For The Cure Campaign . Who
has worked extremely hard to get this
off the ground and has raised funds -
brought more awareness to us all .

One of the many True Pink Warriors out there !

You have a well earned a rest girl !!


This Once Was A hat - But Now ....

My new autumn arrangement ! !

What do you think ??
Yesterday`s Fun friday challenge
was to use a hat - so i got my thinking
" cap " on - bad joke ! ;o)
And came up with this today ! * giggle *

It was a beanie knitted hat - i received
from my sister and i had never worn it .
So i decided to use this - in an autumnal
arrangement for myself .

Using : sisal fibres - beaded fruits and velvet leaves
faux red berries and apple , various dried berries
and sliced fruit from pot pourri bag -
smells divine !

A side view of my autumn hat ..

And it is now placed on my
living room table !

Enjoy your weekend !!


Calendars And More ...

Thinking ahead ... i have made these
2 small calendars - just listed in

Along with a few other Christmas
items . So if you`re interested -
hop on over ! ;o)


Pocket Robin ...

A tiny robin - nestling in a fabric " pocket "
created from a mans tie .
A small christmas decoration - half of
the sale proceeds go to cancer research -
available to purchase - once i list this at
a later date - along with details on how i
created it on my other blog soon !


Like Omigod! It's An 80's Birthday Bash !

Do you recognise the hosts in this photo ! ??

Yes ?? ?? The above banner is an

indication of what`s in store !!

On my blog here - and my BBFF

Rhonda`s blog

We are hosting an 80`s birthday party bash -

and celebrating Rhonda`s 40th birthday too !

On the day of our party, like, it's not just one day,

but two days. On that day, you can come to our blogs after you

post all of your like, totally cool pictures from the 80's .

We'll have a "Mr. Linky" set up so that you can post

your info - right here on our blogs.

Then, we can all visit each other and have a totally cool walk

down memory lane. So - the party is on Friday and Saturday

November 7th & 8th. If you want any ideas as to what we do,

you can check out my post Oscar Bash birthday party

from last January. That way you get an idea of the

party that i hosted .

Okay - so here is the list of,the things that you need remember:
Favorite Band
Favorite Song
My birthday gift from the 80`s
Your date ... and like, any other, like, totally awesome

things that you would like to share from the 80's.

I'm from the 80's and I'm proud! We hope to see you

at the party!

Sign up, like now.....

I do hope you will join us both - this will be fun

and bring back so many memories -

So, like, if you want to join our party, you can comment ,

on this post or Rhonda`s, and use our cool banner ,

post it on your blog with a link to either of us. We have to let

everyone know, that we are having the most

Tubular party, like ever!

Click and save the one below !


The Wind Blew A Lullaby ...

" The Wind Blew A Lullaby "

7.5" square canvas .

Celebrating Mother Nature -
Flora and fauna - animals -
and how we all cannot survive
without water .

The wind blew a lullaby -
a soft and tender song ...

A drop of rain fell -

Our world is one .


Peaking through a garden gate ...
flowering shrubs - moss covered stones ...

Is this Tudor House ...
Adorned with fall leaves ...

Creeping and covering the tiny

With a seat for you to enjoy
smell and see - what mother nature
does best ...

Or perhaps - take a stroll ...

What more you can see ?? ...

Mother Nature`s Bliss ....

**** photographed locally yesterday -
with kind permission of the owners ***

Thankyou !
Find your Bliss this weekend .


Retro Autumn Hoop ...

I found a decent sized piece of this fabric -
and i fell in love with the colours and design of this !!
It looks like something from the 70`s and is
made from polyester - the kind which you
wore and got static electricity from !
Fancy having a dress made in this !! ? ?
It may not be to everyones taste -
I just had to buy it !!

I took the plunge to cut just a
small piece from it - placed it in an
embroidery hoop - and added
various elements onto the design .
I still have a small doubt about the
colour of the hoop - it has purple then
ivory paint on top . Then i sanded it down some .
It can be hung up - as a piece of " art " from
vintage lilac seam binding ..

This is my contribution to our

Fun Friday challenge - the word prompt

for this was Autumn ...

More of this piece of work to

follow .... ;o)


I Flew On Your Wings ...

" I Flew On Your Wings "

8" x 6" canvas .

A canvas that i have been working on
the past 2 days . Still with having thoughts
of raising money for cancer research - this
developed . Collaged painted surface -
flattened bottle caps with a face image and
sealed with glossy accents .

Each has acknowledged their friendship -one
by supporting them through a difficult time
in their life .

The other acknowledging they were
there for them - a true friendship .



Available to purchase in my

Along with one of these 2
shabby style notebooks .
An ideal gift for someone
or yourself ! ;o)


Autumn Sparkles ...

With the autumn season in my mind ..
The leaves are slowly changing
their colours - my visitor Mr
squirrel - is gathering nuts and
using our garden to store them !
And being too elusive for me taking a snap
- he`s too quick for me !!

I came across these beautiful
beaded fruits with velvet leaves .
I am offering this set in my

The rest i am keeping to create with .

I am working on a few projects

at the moment - And here`s a sneak peak

of one ....

And i cannot forget to wish all

my Canadian readers

Happy Thanks giving Weekend !!

Quick don`t forget the turkey !! ;o)

Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones !!



Find Your Wings ...

A 3 " square mixed media canvas ..

" Find Your Wings "

various collage papers -

vintage birds head image -

a half coloured egg with

feathers for his wings ...

They have the freedom to fly ...

And so can we ..