My Love Of Children`s Books ..

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1926-) Joan Walsh Anglund became successful with her first book, A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You, in 1958. She's been making books featuring these same round-faced mouthless characters ever since, and her popularity continues to grow. There's something ineffably sweet about her creations, which are based in large part on people and places in her own life-- particularly on her children Joy and Todd. She is a perennial favorite and a popular choice for gift books. She seems to strike a nerve and her images of childhood have an innocence and purity that people respond to with a rush of nostalgia. Older copies of her books are usually preferred by those who want their nostalgia to be real, right down to the feel the book, and the out-of-print Brave Cowboy is perhaps the most sought-after title . She lives in Connecticut .

Although i do not remember these books,
I have grown to love them , and these
are what i have so far , finding yesterday the pink
covered titled " Love is a special way of feeling "

It`s not the fact i am trying to relive my childhood .
Although it recalls your own experiences sometimes
of other books and toys played with .
It is the beautifully illustrated pages , the simplistic
meaning of her written words . A small book , which
you can read in a few minutes , relate to and
they make you think of the things you take for granted .
Like this ...
Love is found in unexpected places ....
It is there in the quiet moment
when we first discover
a beautiful thing .....
When we watch a bird
soar high against
a pale blue sky .....

Doing a little research myself , i found too , that
she had created some porcelain 5 " mini plates for Avon
back in 1986/7 , ad has sold over 45 million copies
of her 80 published books .

These are my books now , which i will treasure ,
and be on the lookout for more of her work
to add to my collection .


Mary Ann (Moanna) said...

LOVE these book covers, the drawings and the words. So precious. The detail in the drawing is incredible. And I especially love the handwriting.

I understand why you want to collect these. I really do GET this.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Like Mary ann, I too "get" this Carolyn. I've never owned any of these books, but I love the art work...I love faces without mouths. When I used to do folk art painting (country things), I made a lot of angels and dolls and I never ever put a mouth on them...just eyes...and they appealed to so many people. I think the lack of mouth allows people to imagine and create their own feelings about the image...and there is an implied "silence" about the character that allows a feeling of peace and serenity.

I love this post -- it's made me feel warm, fuzzy and serene!