Last Views Of The Lakes

I have my last few photos for you , from
our Easter break at Grange Over sands .

From the roadside - the hotel we should have
stayed at !

Up the long drive to see this ...

Side view of the front garden ..

And the inside room , we visited for a drink .

We travelled on a main road through the

Lakes , passing small villages , Lake

Windermere and Ullswater .

Another feathered visitor we saw , was

this robin ! I was pleased that we managed

to get a good photo of him !

Some of the scenic views , i never
tire of out there ...

A new friend i made !!

It followed us , as we were leaving a field .

We took the scenic way to Lake Windermere ,

and you travel up the Kirkstone Pass .

It is 1500 feet above sea level , so the weather

conditions change dramatically as seen !

Before the snow ...

And 24 hours later !!

One last snow photo !

I know some of you will be sickened to

see it , but we have not had that much ,

if at all here !

Roll on spring photo`s !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Gorgeous place...the scenery is incredible (I'll even say I like the snow photos!! LOL!)and the hotel is magnificent. I like your new friend -- he's very, er, "handsome" (actually a very beautiful animal indeed!).

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh my gosh what an amazing place! That hotel, the scenery and that animal (wait, what was that, a sheep? yeah, I think it was a sheep) glad I popped in! Lovely post!

Happy day!

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paru's_circle said...

looks like an awesome area... i wil google it,. fantastic photos