For My Cousins ...

Today , i spent a few hours with my cousin ,
who i had not seen for many years . We chatted
about the " old times " and had a laugh about things
we remembered from relatives , travel
and life in general . In doing so , i found out , that his sister
reads my blog ! When i had no idea that she did do !
So - i would like to say HELLO !
And many thanks for reading , although we do
not keep in touch as much as we should do .
I hope you`re all doing well !
I know you will not be expecting this - both of you
but here`s a little personal message for you both !
And hope it gives you a chuckle to brighten your day !

Let me know you have seen this !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, Janet and Graham here! Thanks for leaving me and Graham those amusing pictures, i didnt realise that il divo had seen me in the crowd!my stunning beauty must have caught their eye! Graham says he is fully booked at the moment! Graham says it was really nice to catch up with you. We will have to meet up sometime soon, if thats ok?
Take care,
Janet and Graham

P.S If you ever want to get in touch by email, you could use Heathers:-

Sherry/Cherie said...

Hello to Carolyn's cousins!!!

Carolyn, this just proves - we never know who is reading what we write!!!

Meggie said...

How fun to connect with cousins and to know that they read your blog. It is truly a small world!