My Postcard Swap !

Now Sherry has received my postcard -
i can show you what we sent each other !
" Time For Tea "
Which i showed a peak photo of the clock ,
and it totally threw her off the guess scent ! LOL
With handmade cupcakes , and a teapot . Along with
some Yorkshire teabags and a herbal one with cinnamon
in - as i don`t like the taste ! And not that i palmed you
off with that one Sherry !! But i knew you liked it , and i
couldn`t just throw it away !!

Here are my goodies - this gorgeous
collaged postcard - which looks sealed with gel medium.
And will help to keep it dust free ! With a bird on-
no less ! Oh and a butterfly ( in joke ! )
My own little masterpiece which is in
my studio to glance at !

AND 2 packs of Laura Ashley notelets !!
Being a big fan , Sherry saw these and thought of me .
Two design styles i have not seen here in the UK !
I was more than happy to receive these and
can i choose a favourite ? That`s a difficult question !!

I Love them all !!
Thank-you !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

I knew you'd love those Ashley notelets!! And I'm glad you like your post card as much as I like mine...birds of a feather -- and of course a butterfly for fun!!

So I see...you've taken to "palming off" what you don't like?!? lol!!! I'm honoured...and by the way -- I loved the herbal tea -- and I love the Yorkshire ... matter of fact, I've just come in from a LONG walk on this gorgeous day and I'm now having a cuppa!! I don't mind your "cast offs", really I don't..I'm used to it. My mother used to do things like that -- "oh Sherry will like this..." -- it's all good! And nothing goes to waste!! ;)

The Tattered Rose said...

I love both postcards. You had a fun swap here! Thanks for sharing!
I also love Marilyn's great new blog banner! Cheers, Trish G.

Mary Ann said...

Both postcards were great. And I had to laugh that you posted about palming off the tea. Most people wouldn't have told but I love that you did. Looks like you two had fun!