Personal Correspondance

I am always on the lookout for old postcards ,
and i was lucky to find these last week .
In the age of e-mail today , i often wonder
how we would cope without it . Think of it as a lost limb ?
Once we have used it , you miss it more , when you
cannot access it ? If you were told you could not use
it , would you think about it all the time ?
Granted , i am grateful today for e-mail , i know i
couldn`t live without it ! But there`s
nothing more heart warming , than receiving a
hand written letter from a loved one or a friend .
That is why , i am always fascinated by written words,
in days gone by. When they knew how to write poetically ,
with some words we do not use anymore and the writing
with pen and ink . Written on postards that are not produced
in the way they are now , and some penned with " racey "
emotions of a loved one missed .

I bought some for the front verses ,
and the others for the writing , which i could read
on the back ! Some words were not legible to me , so
i`ve done my best to show you !!

Christmas 1916 , to a Miss G Roberts.

My friend is me

whom i have fancied cold in early days of converse -

But whose hold upon my heart strings few to links of gold .

My dearest ,

how do you like this one , but it`s not so pretty

as the ones you sent me .

can i come and help you after work tonight , carry your

--------- ? for you ,

goodnight my dearest



Sherry/Cherie said...

These are beautiful old post cards Carolyn. I am with you on this -- there is just something wonderful about hand written letters and notes and receiving something in the mailbox. I am hooked on email too, but I still love to check my mail box every day -- the one outside my front door that is!

PEA said...

Such beautiful vintage postcards you found!! I collect vintage Christmas cards and have quite a few in my collection...I love reading what's inside of them, especially when they have personal notes written. I even have this one card that had a letter enclosed with it, from Dec. 18th, 1944. It's written by a mother to her daughter. I should do a post about it:-) It really is a shame that handwritten letters are becoming such a rare thing!! xox