Postcard Swap ...

Earlier this week , Sherry and i finished deciding the
final details on doing a postcard size swap. I had it in
mind to decorate how you wished , no theme -
anything goes !!
I created mine on Wednesday evening , and i loved
every minute ! It was an easy piece for me to do ,
and it turned out that way for her too ! As we
both had finished at the same time , and we will be
posting them out this Monday !
So here`s a peak at what i have made for you Sherry !
Thankyou so much for taking part in
my first postcard swap !!
I hope you love my creation !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

ooookkkaaayyyy....i'm laughing here because you really have my curiosity piqued!!! What on earth?!? I have a few ideas but we'll see if I'm correct..and yes, I'll tell you if I was close or way off base when I have this in my hot little hands!

Abbie said...

Hi carolyn!
Ooo.... You'll have to show us the rest!!
Your hall looks absolutely fabulous! that wallpaper is crazy wonderful!