In progress And A Finished Project ...

Yesterday and today , we have been finishing our decorating.
A few final touches before we have the carpet fitted !
The main wall going into the kitchen done !

My new light fitting ...
Lights on ..

Lights off !

And the same switches in our home ..

It has been over 2 years getting to this stage !

As we have had a new banister on the stairs

and landing fitted , in glass with a wooden handrail .

It took 9 months to find someone who would custom

make us one , how we wanted it , and at the right price !

So there will be a great sigh of relief once this is finished !

In between decorating , i managed to finish a collage .

Done on a vintage book cover .

Sister`s Remembrance

using vintage music paper , doily ,

buttons , wax seal

Vintage dictionary words , an egg

encased in wire on feathers .

And a cute little inprint foot charm !

This will be available in my shop this weekend .
Anyway - must get back to the decorating !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Aha!! There's the "egg"!!! This is so vintage and so lovingly have been busy!!

And I totally love this black and white wallpaper!! The lighting fixture is and "M" have been working well these past few weeks. Such a sense of accomplishment isn't it?

Mary Ann (Moanna) said...

Oh my, I love this. All of it. Your posting and the pics. Especially the wallpaper and light fixture.

There's nothing quite as refreshing as finishing a remodeling project. Congrats!!

PEA said...

I just love your new wallpaper and that lighting fixture is just so gorgeous, never seen one made like that before!! I can see why you will be very happy once all the redecorating is finished if it's taken 2 years to get to this point! lol As for your altered book cover, just beautiful!!!! xox

Meggie said...

The new wallpaper is lovely...good choice! I hope you will include more photos when the new carpet has been installed. Love the sister collage...charming!