Flora And Fauna ...

I`ve been busy this weekend making
more Owls . With Willow being my prototype ,
to see how he looked , and i was happy
with the result -
These are 2 new OOAK Owls .

" FLORA " 4.5 " high
Made from a vintage pillow case material

Felt , vintage buttons , with thread
eyelashes !

With her name on a piece of
pink seam binding sewn on her back .

" FAUNA " 4.25 " high
Again from a vintage piilow case ,
felt and buttons .

With a named seam binding tag

I am adding these to my shop
Would you like to give one of
these a new home ??


Mary Ann said...

I like Fauna, the colors, so cute. And I'm late for work now I've spent so much time catching up on your blog. Wonder if they'll accept "blogging" as an excuse for being late. haha Think I'll have to come up with something else.

Sherry/Cherie said...

These little ones are such a "hoot"....and I love the names on the backs...that just adds even more love!!

The Tattered Rose said...

Great birds! I love the names!

Photoshop masking SBL said...

I like the green pillow.It looks like a real owl