" Autumn Acorn " - necklace
We turned our clocks back this weekend -
so autumn is officially here . So to celebrate
it - i created a necklace .
I`ve wanted a large real acorn for months , but
i have not managed to find one - so i decided to
make myself one - out of fimo .
Acorn size 1.5 " - painted and sealed - and the nut
part has gloss on it . The leaf is from a copper brooch -
a hammered effect and to get the pin off - i soaked it in boiled water
- and it just came off ;o) Then i cleaned it and drilled a hole
in the top .

Photo - done with the flash and is clickable ..

The loop on the acorn is from a metal screw
eye that i carefully screwed in before i baked it.
The oven temperature is so low - it didn`t melt the metal ;o)

Then strung them both onto a piece of
faux suede thong .


sherry ♥ lee said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are extremely clever, not to mention crafty!! Can't find an acorn?? Make one!! Brill!!!

Deborah said...

Do you sleep??? This is just so darn adorable. Autumn love!
**sigh** Deb

Lynn said...

You never cease to amaze me girl, you made your own acorn and gorgeous it is too. I think the copper leaf is just perfect with it :)

Our clocks change next weekend, and I am dreading it, don't like such short daylight hours, but I will get used to it like I always do :)