Looking for some pink this morning out on
my walk - for the final Pink Thoughts
Thursday ..
I came across this ..... Not quite at the pink stage
but ...

A hydrangea bloom - in several stages of decay .
Which made me think of life - and how we have
but a short time here - to grow and bloom ourselves .
Each of us is at a different stage of development
and trying to do what we can everyday while
we are here .
So it goes without saying -
Each day is a gift - use it wisely -
Be happy with yourself - and spread it around -
Love what you do - if not - change it .
Make a difference- however small it is .
Just be - you -
And i`ll take this opportunity now -
to thank all who purchased items
from me - to help raise funds for
Breast cancer awareness month !


sherry ♥ lee said...

I can't believe how eerily we were on the same page must go and read what I wrote!!! Very eerie indeed!

Deborah said...

Beautiful photos and even more beautiful words. **blows kisses** Deb